On 15 March ELANA Agrocredit to vote on a BGN 0.086 dividend per share

ELANA Agrocredit shareholders will vote BGN 0.086 dividend per share, yielding 6.4% at current quotes, at the forthcoming annual shareholders meeting scheduled for March 15th, 2018.
According to the preliminary agenda of the meeting, a total of BGN 1.623 mln will be distributed as dividend, which represents 90% of 2017 profits as the company articles of association envisaged.

Latest performance of ELANA Agrocredit

Over BGN 69m. invested in financial leasing contracts and working capital loans since start of business in 2013 till end of January 2018. The company managed to grow loans to farmers in farming business year 2017/2018 by 50% as planned. 7 504.8 ha is the total size of the land plots purchased for farmers through the leasing contracts.

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Annual shareholders’ meeting documents in Bulgarian