Benefits of Investing in ELANA Agrocredit

High return for a low-risk investment!

What are the advantages for our investors?

Low-risk investment

The land is owned by ELANA Agrocredit until the full repayment of the leasing amount; on the other hand there is a 20% own contribution by the lessee, which covers the market risk in case land prices fall 20% below current levels – this has never been so far and is hardly expected.

Credible management of the investment

Investors can count on experienced team that has already proved expertise in the target market and has delivered results.

High return

Approx. annual return of 8-10%; increase is possible in case of short-term loans with higher interest rates for other projects;


Quick exit from the investment – Elana Agrocredit is a public company from 07.11.2013. The company’s shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market (Bulgarian Stock Exchange). Their first trading date is 22.11.2013.

Why choose ELANA Agrocredit
  • ELANA Agrocredit has considerable experience in developing financial products related to agricultural land market – our team has established and developed successfully the first REIT investing in agricultural land in Bulgaria –ELANA Agricultural Land Opportunity Fund (ELARG), which brought a return of over 150% to its investors for the period of its existence 2005-2012.
  • ELANA team knows the agricultural market in Bulgaria in every detail and understands the trends on this dynamic market.
  • ELANA team has developed a nationwide distribution network – our regional agents are experienced professionals in the area of agricultural land with brilliant reputation and excellent training covering 20 agricultural regions in the country. We are planning to further develop the network with 30 more regional agents following our business expansion.
Guaranteed dividend

Not less than ninety percent of the annual profit is distributed as dividend.