ELANA Agrocredit

The professional financial partner of the Bulgarian farmers

Buy the land you cultivate or enlarge your farm.
Fixed interest rate for the whole period and once-a-year payment. No monthly payments!


  • Deductibles – 20 % of the amount of the land as an initial instalment
  • Fixed annual interest rate – 8.5%
  • Fixed annual service charge – 5 leva/dka
  • Collateral: the agricultural land becomes lessee’s property after repayment of the last instalment under Lease Contract.

Benefits and Advantages

Benefits of Investing

  • Low-risk investment
  • Credible management of the investment
  • High return
  • Liquidity
  • Guaranteed dividend
  • Our team knows the agricultural market in Bulgaria

Benefits of Investing

Benefits and Advantages

for farmers

Buy the land you cultivate now only for 20 % of its value!

for our investors

High return for a low-risk investment!

Contacts Us

If you want to take advantage of our services or for any other queries, please contact us.

ELANA Agrocredit Head Office

Phone: +359 (2) 81 000 92
Email: agrocredit@elana.net